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Egobomber – Fall Of Planet Esoteria EP

Fall Of Planet Esoteria EP consists of four tracks drawing inspiration from space/science-fiction. “Suncruiser X” epic electro track, previously released on Egobomber full album Between Times Previously unreleased three part opus “Fall Of Planet Esoteria”, that starts with more melodic electro, glides through kraut-pop and finishes off with happier house sounds.

Kaupo – Õhtud

Full length deep house album, includes remixes by Leiner, Kalvik, Aur, Egobomber and Marek Unt.

Egobomber – Between Times

Electronica debut album by Egobomber. More like melodic electronica for listening, but it has some excellent electro tracks. One comment from Last FM website: “By far and away one of the most perfect moments in electronica I’ve yet witnessed. More please.”

My NY Wiener – Miniviiner Remixed

Blazin fresh and good old re-interpretations of the legendary kitsch classic by LAKS friends: Sten Gun, Kreck, Mürgelmaschine, Geminice, Osula, Egobomber, Equaliza, Marek Unt, Mr. Neutron, Leiku & G’Kar.

Laks Recordings Promiomix 2005 Download here Listen from Mixcloud Tracklist The CD is compiled by Laks Recordings boss, Ilmar Kerm (G’Kar, Laks, Project KillBill) and contains a variety of Laks Recordings productions in a continuous DJ-mix. It has recieved excellent feedback from all around the world!