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My NY Wiener – Miniviiner Remixed

Blazin fresh and good old re-interpretations of the legendary kitsch classic by LAKS friends: Sten Gun, Kreck, Mürgelmaschine, Geminice, Osula, Egobomber, Equaliza, Marek Unt, Mr. Neutron, Leiku & G’Kar.

Laks Recordings Promiomix 2005

http://music.laksrecordings.com/mixes/Laks%20Promomix%202005.mp3 Download here Listen from Mixcloud Tracklist The CD is compiled by Laks Recordings boss, Ilmar Kerm (G’Kar, Laks, Project KillBill) and contains a variety of Laks Recordings productions in a continuous DJ-mix. It has recieved excellent feedback from all around the world!